The initial plan was to stay in Rishikesh for at least a month and learn yoga. well... I did go to Rishikesh, and I did do yoga, 5 yoga sessions to be exact!!! Rishikesh is magnificent (a very different kind of magnificent compared to Manali). it has a very spiritual vibe to it. The city is... Continue Reading →


Oh Manali….

Oh, Manali... what can I say?! you are beautiful, you are gorgeous, you are magnificent, you are SERENE.... After my " what the hell did I do to my life" crisis in Dharamshala, I took the night bus to Manali. And turned out it was exactly what I needed. Manali is the place to chill,... Continue Reading →

This will change as well….

The first time I did Vipassana was back in Canada. I was going through a lot of shit, I was angry, lost and in an unhealthy relationship. I think during the past few years, out of all the things I've tried to bring in some peace into my life, Vipassana was the most helpful one.... Continue Reading →

Squeeze the Damn Lemon

The only thing planned about my India trip was a 10 day meditation course I signed up for in Dharamshala. I have no idea what the hell I'm gonna do after that. I arrived in Dharamshala last night. There's something so magical about the Himalayas that makes me so calm and happy.  That's why I... Continue Reading →

Hello India

I just landed in Amritsar today. When I decided to go to India, I also decided not to go to any of the big cities (Delhi, Mumbai,...) because I didn't think I'll have the nerves for it at this point in my trip. I wanted India to be kind of an "spiritual journey" for me.... Continue Reading →

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