You know how they say not all who wander are lost? well, that doesn’t apply to me. I wander because I’m lost, and I’m trying to find my place in this big world; my “calling”.

I refuse to conform, and I believe there’s a lot more to life than the conventional wisdom dictated by the society. It took me 3 years to get the courage to leave my convenient, luxury lifestyle behind,  in search of alternative ways of living a satisfactory life.

I left my corporate job in April 2017, bought a one way ticket to India, and started my journey of self discovery and inner growth while enjoying my freedom and the beauty of this mysterious world.


So, who am I exactly?

I have Iranian background, but I call Toronto home. I spent most of my life in different schools, trying to get all kinds of degrees to feel “happy”, “successful”, “accomplished” and “normal”. I worked boring corporate jobs, and for a very long time, I tried very hard to fit in and live a normal life. But, eventually I got sick of not being myself, so, I decided to stop wasting my energy trying to fit in, embrace my weirdness, and follow my own unique path instead. So, here I am, as simple as that :).




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