Welcome to the Most Overrated Place in India!

20170521_174259Ah, Goa beaches, the most overrated places in India (in my opinion of course) .

Well, Goa consists of all these beaches by the Arabian sea, Anjuna beach, in particular, in very popular tourist beach, well, of course, when I went there it was off season, and it wasn’t very busy, (which I liked). there were still some parties going on, but nothing too special about the place itself. not any extrardinary nature as I was expecting.

It’s place to chill and chill and chill and chill, and if you’re into partying as well, you can party the whole night (even when its off season, there are still some parties going on, but they’re not as fun I guess.) . But anyways, for me Goa had nothing special to offer, it was just a beach (and not even a very scenic one)and everything was overpriced, even during the low season.

So, I seized the opportunity to just chill and do absolutely nothing .

I’ve been here for almost a week now, and decided to go to Kerala state, as I heard it’s less touristy. I’ve been planning to leave for Cochin for the past  4 days, but everyday I wake and I fell like, mmmm, nah, I don’t feel like moving, maybe tomorrow! I also don’t have train ticket, and its a disaster to get an AC class train ticket in India. Everything is booked months in advance. I heard there’s a thing called foreign tourist quota ticket, and Im just banking on that, just gonna show up in the train station when I finally feel like moving, and see how hings go.


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