Where to go next?!

I mostly kept it to myself in Rishikesh, you know when yo’re just happy being by yourself, and don’t wanna be bothered by anyone? It happens when travelling long term, after lots of socializing and partying in Manali, I needed my space for a bit and catch up with my personal projects.  So for the most part of the day I was either on my laptop, reading, or out doing yoga or wandering around the city by myself, and at the end of the night I would hang in the rooftop, occasionally talking to others.

Andy came to me on my last night while I was busy on my laptop trying to figure out my next travel plan, asking if I want whisky. well, Rishikesh is a dry state, so its not easy to get alcohol, and of course I never say no to alcohol. so I said sure…. and then I had my second shot and maybe third shot…. and ?I guess Andy was already drunk anyways.

Andy is a 32 years old Indian guy living in Australia. one of those energetic people who has to socialize with every person on the room. He was travelling with his car with this french couple he met in Dharamshala and they drove from dharamshala to rishikesh, planning to go to Rajasthan next. So, we started talking, and after we exchanged just a few sentences, he was telling me about the Rajasthan trip, and asked me if I wanna join, and of course I said yes, without even thinking. because you never say no to such an intriguing offer. It was a new experience in Inda, it was out of my comfort zone, and it sounded exotic: “Indian road trip” !

next thing you know I was on the road with Andy, Nico, and Julie….

20170506_174716 (1)
The Ganges River

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