The initial plan was to stay in Rishikesh for at least a month and learn yoga. well… I did go to Rishikesh, and I did do yoga, 5 yoga sessions to be exact!!!

Rishikesh is magnificent (a very different kind of magnificent compared to Manali). it has a very spiritual vibe to it. The city is dead at around 9-10. Almost no place open to eat outside after 10. lots of monkeys around, who are not shy to steal your pack of chips, ice cream, or even your pack. Most people come here for the yoga, or some kind of spiritual adventure. In general it’s a completely different vibe from Manali, not much smoking going on, and it’s a dry state, so no alcohol.

I stayed there for about a week, did some yoga, wandered around a bit, and while I was desperately trying to figure out where I can go next, I met Andy..

20170506_174335 (1)
Rishikesh vibes



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