My Butt Hurts… Or, the Indian Train Adventure!

20170526_002841Today 2 British guys from my hostel were taking the taxi to the airport and I thought, well, girl, today is the day, move your lazy ass, share the taxi, and go get that damn train to Cochin.
So, remember the foreign tourist quota I was banking on, well, turns out I can only use it for trains that are originating from the same station. So…. I thought , well I’m fucked. 14 hours in train without a sit and AC. I put myself on the waiting list, and in fact I was able to get an sleeper AC class ticket which was leaving in 6 hours, but, well…. mmmm, I MISSED MY TRAIN !!!!

how ? well, I was anxiously waiting for the train to come, I was damn tired, after 10 hours of wandering around in the train station, and I just wanted the train to come. I asked almost every shop owner on the station which platform my train is coming to, and they all agreed on platform 1. but, well apparently the platform changed, and apparently they announced it, and well, apparently I DID NOT HEAR IT OR PAY ATTENTION AT ALL. I only figured out, when I asked a shop owner for the 100th times ” do you know which platform my train is going to?” and he showed me the train at the other side of the railway “that’s the train” . and then I tried to figure out how I can go to the other side of the railway, and well, I couldn’t make it to the other side at the end, and I saw my train leaving, while I was looking at it with an open mouth and teary eyes!!!
….. I think, this was the only point during my India trip, that I felt totally hopeless. I didn’t even want to cry, I was mad at myself. ” is that how you wanna travel? you cant even figure out how take the train, and its trucking straightforward” .

they told me to go the station master, and ask for help. I tried to cry and beg, but well, there was no ticket, but they were nice enough, and they personally let me stay in their AC office room until the next train arrived, took me to the women’s compartment, and found me a sit.

when I was sitting in the station master’s office, for a moment, I thought to myself, hey, what the fuck are you doing here? why are you here? you didn’t have to be here dumbass!!! you had a life, an apartment, a job, a comfortable bed…. and for a moment I wished, I wished that I didn’t have to do this. I wished I was happy enough with my other life, that I never had to change. and I thought why did I ever leave?!

but then I look around the office, it was 11:30 at night, the room was comfortable enough, and people were doing their jobs, living their normal lives, doing what they do every night, coming to the station in the evening, doing the same job every day, being good  employees in the very comfort of this very nice office, going home, eating, sleeping, making love, and REPEAT ….. and then I remembered why I had to leave, I didn’t want to repeat… I was tired of having my life on repeat, I wanted my every day to be different…. and there were going to be tough days as well … and isn’t that the lesson I had to learn about life? that there are tough days, and then there are days when you feel like it was all worth it.  I remembered why I’m here, and why I “chose” to be here, and it was only then that I could look at the whole thing as a new adventure…a fun adventure.

I will admit, 14 hours of riding train in the general compartment can be tough, specially when you cant leave your sit. My whole body was in pain the last few hours, I had to sit for 14 straight hours, couldn’t even go to the toilet, and I couldn’t feel my butt anymore! but well, I’m still alive, and I got to my destination!

But, in fact, Im happy that I couldn’t sit in first class, because I got to ride the train with these amazing, beautiful, and very fun Indian ladies, and I got the real Indian train experience.

And as the train was passing by the beautiful landscape at night, and as I was leaning my head on the window, feeling the breeze on my face, I closed my eyes and I thought happiness is in little, tiny things, and I felt happy….





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