A 40 hour bus ride!

I bought a bus ticket to Goa. that was the only thing I could get last minute. From Pushkar to Goa, there’s a 24 hour sleeper bu to Mumbai, and from Mumbai, it take 12 hours to get to Goa.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I can survive 24 hours of bus ride, but that was the only choice, and well, I really wanted to experience a sleeper bus. Sleeper buses are actually quite cool, well, for the first few hours! but I was so damn tired that I almost slept the whole trip. but the next bus form Mumbai to Goa, that was a real disaster. If you’ve ever been to India, you probably know how the bus drivers drive, so, for the whole 12 hours I was rolling from one side of the bed to another, and almost fell down a few times…
I finally arrived in Mapusa, Goa, after 40 hours of bus ride! I booked a little place in the middle of nowhere for 2 days, just to be by myself and relax, before going to  Anjuna Beach, where “ALL THE FUN IS” (that’s what they say!).

20170516_182035 (1)
All set for 40 hours on the road



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